What to Pack for a 10 Day Dual Sport Camping Trip: Part 1 – Riding Gear

Packing for a big trip can be a daunting task. But it should be fun! Sometimes it’s helpful to break things up into categories which is what we’re going to do here. Part 1 will focus on the riding gear, Part 2 on the camping gear, and Part 3 on the bike setup and luggage.

We’ll discuss all of the gear I’ll be wearing for a 10 day dual sport camping trip in Colorado and Utah.

First and foremost it’s important to think about several things as you plan your trip. Things like: what type of riding you’ll be doing (and what bike you’ll be on); climate and temperature ranges you’ll experience; how long you need to be self-sufficient. When it comes to your riding gear, though, the two biggest factors are comfort and safety. When you’re comfortable you worry less about your gear and you can go farther without fatigue. Safety is obviously critical but there’s usually a balance between how much protection you’re wearing and how comfortable you are. Let’s take a look at the gear I’ll be wearing for a 10 day trip with a few thoughts on why I’ve chosen it.

For this trip we’ll be on lightweight dual sport bikes and 95% off road. We are expecting temperatures to range from the low 40’s to low 100’s. We’ll be out for 10 days and camping for 9 of those days and I’ll have on everything you see in this picture:

  1. Helmet: Shoei Hornet X2 – an excellent and very comfortable DS helmet that vents well.
  2. Sena SMH10R – Keep in touch with your group. The SMH10R is super low profile and you can swap the battery.
  3. Chest Protector: Klim Tekvest – with optional Shoulder Pads – Very comfortable and has rib protection that many others are lacking.
  4. Goggles: Scott Tyrant – These fit wonderfully with the Shoei Hornet.
  5. Jersey: Klim Mojave – Excellent ventilation and comfort, rugged material that doesn’t snag.
  6.  Pants: Klim Mojave Over the BootLots of mesh for ventilation and lots of flex panels so they don’t bind when the going gets rough.
  7. Boots: Sidi Adventure Gore Tex – A great balance of comfort, protection, and water proofing.
  8. Armor: Leatt 3DF 5.0 Knee and Elbow guardsExcellent protection and so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing them. Very flexible.
  9. Kidney Belt: EVS BB1Wide range of adjustment; comfortable with great support.
  10. Hydration and Storage: Klim Arsenal VestLots of well thought out storage options and 3 liters of hydration.

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